Please Read

Starting 10/1, T-Mobile and Sprint cell phone carriers are launching aggressive policies to censor and fine Cannabis Companies (like us) who send communication to our guests (like you) via text.

What does this mean?

For T-Mobile and Sprint Customers: we can’t text you about our weekly or weekend deals anymore ☹️ But you can still shop online or in-store whenever you want!

-Remember our Weekly Deals are always posted by Sunday night and our Weekend Deals are always posted by Thursday night on our website.

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to access your Rewards Wallet via text anymore. However you can still access via e-mail but we also encourage you to save the Wallet to your home screen! 

For All Customers: Sign up for Notifications below, for those that don’t have T-Mobile or Sprint you can still receive texts!

For those that have T-Mobile & Sprint we recommend signing up with your email or going into your wallet and adding your email in your info.