With LIV Cannabis, every dollar that you spend, you will receive a point. Once you’ve earned 100 points, you get $5 Off your next purchase. Or you can let your points continue to stack and save them for a “rainy day”.

$1 = 1 POINT

100 POINTS = $5

200 POINTS = $10

1,000 POINTS = $55

Your points may be used towards anything and used

whenever you would like. If you would like to redeem your points, please just let your LIV Team Member know.

To easily check how many points you currently have or take a moment and sign up with us today, please click the link below or scan QR code — it’s free to sign up and begin LIVin’ your best life.

By Scanning the QR Code Above

Or text “Join” to 313.242.0780