Principle is our promise to address barriers created in our communities caused by cannabis prohibition and criminalization. Our goal is to reinvest 1.3 million dollars (direct +impact) by the end of 2023.

About Principle

Principle is Common Citizen’s Community Reinvestment Program.

As a social equity qualified enterprise, Common Citizen understands the nuanced history of cannabis and is proud to focus on restorative justice that creates and sustains those impacted by unjust criminalization.

Each Principle Pre-Roll contributes 100% of wholesale profits to Michigan communities, with a goal of supporting those which has been most disproportionally harmed by criminalization.

The Principle Awards

The Principle Awards is one way we’re creating impact in our community. The Principle Awards a community forward & community funded award program that supports incubation for nonprofit organizations, arts & culture creators, and startup & locally owned businesses that make community impact.

What are the three types projects supported through the awards program?

Arts & Culture Creators

Public health research has confirmed that there is a positive relationship between creative expression and well-being. The Principle Awards supports community well-being by providing supplemental funding for arts initiatives that are often cut first in budgeting. Initiatives such as concerts, film screenings, gallery exhibits, and fashion shows are examples of creative projects that can benefit from the Principle Awards.

Nonprofit Organizations

Non-profit organizations are usually community-led solutions to community needs. These organizations are building a better tomorrow for Michigan and we are honored at the opportunity to support them. We are interested in supporting organizations that impact the below community needs:

  • Workforce Development + Entrepreneurship: Incubation, job training, career readiness, and skill development
  • Access to home-ownership
  • Community-led infrastructure improvements
  • Policymaking process at the state and local levels

Startup & Locally Owned Businesses

As a startup business that has reached scale, we have many internal resources that can support our local ecosystems. Our goal is to support, develop and partner with startup-stage businesses owned by diverse entrepreneurs within our communities.

How to Nominate?

Nominate organizations for the Principle Awards by April 20, 2023 at 11:59pm ET. Feel free to contact Jess Jackson, Common Citizen’s Director of External Affairs and Social Equity, with questions. Email her at