$15,000 Raised for Karmanos Cancer Institute!

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$15,000 Raised for Karmanos Cancer Institute!

Raised $1600 with our partners, Triple Phoenix, Wana, Terple Gang, & Jeeter for Karmanos.

Highly Loyal Club is came together with some great partners for our latest campaign “High Hope”. 💖👛 Thank you to Terple Gang, Jeeter, Wana, & Triple Phoenix for donating $1/each unit sold. Together, we will raise $16,000 for Karmanos Cancer Institute! 💝

Our goal with this campaign is to:

🎀 H onor Those Impacted
🎀 O vercome Breast Cancer
🎀 P ush for a Cure
🎀 E veryone Can Make a Difference

We get by (and high) with a little help from our friends.
A huge thank you for helping us give HOPE this season. 💞

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