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What Are Cannabis Edibles?

Edibles are your go-to munchies with a twist – they contain cannabinoids like THC and CBD. They’re a fantastic alternative to smoking or vaping, offering a discreet and long-lasting experience. From gummies to brownies, and even beverages, there’s a whole world of cannabis-infused goodies waiting for you.

Cannabis edibles vs cannabis plant

Aside from the obvious… one gets swallowed and one gets inhaled. Factors like potency, dosage, and how your body specifically processes and reacts to the method of cannabis consumption.

Gummy edibles are typically sold in packs of 5 to 20 pieces, each with a dose from 2.5mg to 50mg. They are discreet and perfect for a midday stroll, plus they taste delicious!! While flower is sold by the gram/ounce. It smells skunky (not the best when trying to be discreet) and

How Do Edibles Work?

Unlike smoking, where THC hits your bloodstream almost instantly, edibles take a scenic route through your digestive system. This journey means a slower onset but a longer-lasting effect. Factors like your diet, metabolism, and the edible’s THC dosage play a role in how quickly you’ll feel the effects

Positive Effects of Marijuana Edibles

Edibles can be a delightful experience, offering relaxation, pain relief, and even a boost in creativity. They’re also a potent anti-inflammatory, making them a sweet (pun intended) option for those looking to combine pleasure with wellness

How Long Does It Take for Marijuana Edibles to Work?

Patience is key with most edibles. The effects can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours to kick in, depending on various factors like the type of edible, your metabolism, and how much you’ve eaten that day. People with a higher metabolism feel the effects a bit quicker but possibly not as long-lasting.

If you’re looking for a quick-hitting midday pick me up? Check out the Wana Quick Gummies, these 20mg gummies will kick into action within 10 to 15 minutes!

Types of Gummies Edibles

Different Types of Marijuana Edibles

Salty and Savory Options

We get it, not everyone’s vibin’ with sweets, no biggie! LIV has got you covered with munchies that’ll still get you feeling all sorts of high. Think salty pretzels and snackin’ on some peanut butter-flavored goodies to reach your ultimate chill, high state.

Cannabis gummies

Becoming one of the top selling cannabis edibles in Michigan, cannabis gummies are always in stock at LIV Cannabis.They are infused with THC oil droplets, mixed with sugars and flavors, but no fats – just pure gummy goodness. That’s only one reason why they are so popular. Being convenient, discreet, extremely tasty, and easy to dose makes them the perfect choice for everyone, beginner to pro.

Cannabis gummies come in a vast range of options as well. Products like WANA Passionfruit Pineapple Hybrid Gummies 1:1:1 200mg are made with an equal combination of THC, CBG, and CBD. You get 20 individual gummies that are 10mg each, and oh-so juicy sweet. For you higher-tolerance edible lovers, try out the Fresh Coast Splash Mountain Berry + Rocky Mountain Sour Gummies 200mg. Made right here in Michigan, each gummy comes packed with 20mg of live resin THC.

Cannabis-infused baked goods

Brownies, cakes, and even dried fruit! These edibles have been perfected down to a science. One slight drawback is the ability to dose them correctly. It’s a challenge to only take one bite out of goodies like the Triple Phoenix Fruity Marshmallow Crispy Bar 200mg. Since it’s about the same size as a Rice Krispie Treat, getting a 10mg dose means you need to break up the bar into 20 separate bites. 

Hard candy, mints and lozenges

Edibles in mint and hard candy forms are perfect for getting your cannabis fix on the down-low. At first glance, they look like your regular sweets, but boy, are they far from it! These candy edibles are straight-up loaded with THC, CBD, or even a mix of both, plus some extra chill minor cannabinoids thrown in for good measure.

Find yourself with some bad breath? Swing by LIV Cannabis and pick up a pack of Petra Mints 100mg. With only 2.5mg per mint, it’s the perfect mid-day treat! Hit us up on your way and take advantage of our LIV Cannabis Curbside Service!

Cannabis chocolate bars

Going this route isn’t for the faint of heart. You need a slight bit of discipline so that you don’t consume the whole chocolate bar! Somewhat like your average Hershey’s bar, it is divided up into smaller single dose pieces. Most cannabis chocolate bars are made up of 1 bar with 20 servings.

 There is a major variety of cannabis chocolate bars at LIV. You can’t go wrong with Kiva Chocolate Bars. The brand uses pure ice-cold water hash and ultra-rich sustainably-sourced cacao. Grab a 100mg bar for a smaller 5mg dose per piece, or go big with the 200mg bar for a 10mg dose per piece.

Cannabis beverages

Sipping on some tea, juice, coffee, or soda with a twist from water-soluble cannabinoids that’ll hit you like a ton of bricks. These drinks are packed with THC, making them faster than lightning when it comes to getting you lifted! You have to take into consideration that these cannabis cocktails are meant to be sipped on throughout the day. Try out a Tonic Raspberry Lemonade Beverage 100mg, which uses liposomal encapsulation technology. This method helps the THC absorb better and allows for a controlled and prolonged release of cannabinoids.

For elite service, become a LIV Cannabis member! Our Highly Loyal Club is available at select stores in Michigan, offering members special deals, easy access, and services like free delivery and curbside pickup.

Types of THC-Infused Gummies

Baked goods and chocolates are made with THC that is decarboxylated when baked and made into a fat or oil distillate and easy to use as an ingredient. Gummy edibles, on the other hand are made with water-soluble THC. This is how you will get your live-resin, live-rosin, and distillate gummies. You’re looking at the super tasty gummies like the Tyson 2.0 Bites where the second you put them in your mouth, you know they are made with that good-good. Let’s check out the differences.

Live Resin Gummies

This is a THC concentrate that is made using solvents like butane or propane. Terpenes and cannabinoids are extracted and formed into a distillate that is full of flavor and much more potent. Check out the collection of Lost Farm Live Resin Gummies at LIV and experience a an elevated edible experience. 

Live Rosin Gummies

You are getting a THC concentrate that is clean and pure since there are no solvents used during the extraction process. Good Tide live rosin gummies are a sweet choice of 20mg pure solventless hash rosin.

Dosing Cannabis Edibles

Dosing can be tricky but crucial. Edibles’ labels will guide you, typically ranging from 2.5 mg to 50mg of THC per serving. Start low and go slow to find your sweet spot without any unpleasant surprises.

THC vs CBD: Understanding Ratios in Edibles

No need to do any ‘mathing’ here. Many edible gummies have ratios indicating the level of THC compared to CBD. THC infused edibles can also have dosed of CBN (cannibinol, non-psychoactive ingredient), and/or CBN (cannibigerol, derived from cannabis sativa plants and hemp. A stress-relieving cannabinoid. Also a non-psychoactive ingredient). The ratio 1:1 signifies equal measures of THC and CBD. For example, our Wyld Boysenberry Gummies have the ratio 2:1:1, meaning there are 2 parts THC (200mg) to 1 part CBN (100mg) and 1 part CBD (100 mg).

Another example are the Camino Sparkling Pear Gummies. They have a ratio of 2:6. 2 parts THC (41.57-41.8mg) to 6 parts CBD (120mg). With a higher CBD to THC ratio, these gummies are more dominant in CBD effects.

Understanding edible labels and potency

A big part of understanding edible labels and potency comes down to the mg amount labeled on the package. These amounts can be easily misinterpreted which can cause you to be way too high or getting frustrated because you aren’t feeling anything.

Let’s take the Sauce Bursts Live Rosin Gummies that have 4x50mg | 200mg on the label. This does not mean that you are consuming 200mg of THC in each gummy, it is the total amount of mg in the entire package. The 4x50mg is telling you that there are 4 gummies with 50mg of THC in each one. This makes them the perfect edible gummy to split in half and still be able to function.

Comparing Cannabis Consumption Methods: Edibles vs Smoking

To compare edibles and smoking, we first need to know how each method affects our bodies once consumed. They both do a fantastic job with getting us lifted and feeling high. From there, it’s a world full of differences between the two.

When you smoke cannabis flower the active ingredients (THC) quickly enter your bloodstream to your brain. Since it is oil-based, it won’t completely breakdown in your bloodstream. The THC is quick to interact with the receptors in your endocannabinoid system, like CB1. Within 10 minutes you are feeling the effects which last about an hour.

Consuming an edible has less to do with your brain receptors and more to do with metabolizing in your digestive system. The moment you put the edible in your mouth, your saliva goes to work and starts breaking down the THC. As your body digests the edible and makes its way into your stomach, your liver plays a major part. This process takes anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour until you feel any affects.

Homemade Edibles: Controlling Dosage and Ingredients

Determining the appropriate dosage for homemade edibles can be a challenging task. To estimate the dosage using concentrates, consider the following steps:

  • Identify the weight of your concentrate (in grams).
  • Determine the potency of the concentrate (THC% or CBD%).
  • Establish the number of servings the prepared dish will yield (for example, “makes a dozen cookies”).

To calculate, apply the following formula:

THC per portion = weight of concentrate in grams multiplied by the THC%. Multiply this number by 1,000. Take the total number and divide it by the number of servings you make.

Breakdown of the calculation:

For example, if you have 0.25 grams of a concentrate with 80% THC potency, the calculation would be: (0.25 times 0.80) times 1,000 = 200

This means that you are distributing 200mg of THC among 8 cookies results in each cookie containing 25mg of THC. Ensure thorough mixing for even distribution.

Navigating Dispensaries: Choosing the Right Edible for You

Feeling overwhelmed? Your LIV budtender is there to help! A quick chat can steer you towards the perfect edible for your taste and tolerance.


What do edibles look like?

They can look like any regular food item or candy, so always keep them away from kids and pets. Since some cannabis baked goods use butter or oil, it’s possible for them to have a slight smell. But, as far as looks go, we all know a story of “accidentally” serving them at a party. 

What does an edible high feel like?

It’s a more intense, body buzz that has a longer lasting feel than smoking cannabis. If you are dosing your edible intake correctly, you should feel relaxed and in a satisfying state of euphoria.

Do you feel sleepy after edibles?

It can vary, but many people find edibles relaxing, calming, and huge on stress-relief. If you are on the search for a good sleepy-time edible, try out Vive CBD Sleep Gummies. These have an orange hibiscus flavor with each gummy having 20mg of CBD and 2mg of CBN, with 0% THC. Don’t worry, these gummies are still filled with cannabinoids and terpenes.

How do the effects of edibles differ from smoking cannabis?

Edibles take longer to kick in but provide a longer-lasting and often more intense experience. Smoking cannabis delivers effects through your bloodstream whereas edibles deliver effects through your digestive system.

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